Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday- new paintings on Etsy!

medusa watercolor

golden apple

Two new paintings up on Etsy. Help me pay off my debt to Mary Hitchcock Medical Center!

For anyone interested in the cover colors problem, #1 with the red background and the eye and figures all in orange got the most votes, but it only beat out the lime green by one. My mind still isn't made up. La donna รจ mobile...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Help me pick colors!


I think I've figured out the design for my next book cover, but I can't figure out the colors.

Any advice is appreciated!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Lady or the Tiger?

Monday is the day for posting sketches!

Saturday was the first day of spring! I sat on a bench in the park and drew in the sunshine, until pollen and some really persistent bugs forced me back in.

Once inside, I painted some tigers. Because tigers are neat.


This photo was taken by my friend Cassandra, who works in a zoo and has the best job ever, when the weather doesn't make it awful. That tiger totally wants to eat those kids.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Publications for reading

Check it out! Cold Drill 39 is now available. I painted the cover, and am quite fond of it. You can read more about the book here, though I can't figure out how anyone would go about buying a copy? Myabe you have to live in Idaho.

Another great publication heading your way is CABOOSE! Edited by Max de Radigues and Chuck McBuck. The pencils for my submission are above. I hope I make the cut.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Get by with a little help from my friends

A bunch of friends are involved in really cool projects right now and I can't keep up with all of them! The following is a lame attempt to promote them. Please check out their website, they do a much better job of it:

Friend and CCS Senior Jen Vaughn is trying to get to get to SXSW:

PRESS for immediate RELEASE :

“Cartoonist Jen Vaughn is thrilled to announce her first SXSW InteractiviZINE! From March 12th to March 16th, she will attend the SXSW (South by Southwest) Interactive Festival in Austin, TX and will “cover” the event multimedia-style in her Interactivitizine! SXSW is chock full of panels, events, and of course parties, related to social media, convergence, video games, start-ups and anything Internet. Upon the conclusion of her visit, Jen will post her drawings, notes, photos and other ephemera from the festival on her website for everyone to share the wealth of information gleaned.

Jen is looking for "donations" to help fund the trip. I put donations in quotes, because if you give $5 or more, she'll send you a copy of her IneractiviZINE, which will have comics, notes from the show, and a screen printed cover. So it's not really a donation, you're buying an awesome zine for way cheap (I'd expect a zine like the one she's planning to cost like $10 at a convention) and helping out an artist in the process.

Adriana Yugovich is teaching a comics class in Glendale, CA. I met Adriana through the CCS Summer Workshops, and she was a fellow contributor to Robyn Chapman's Hey! 4-Eyes! zine.

Rachel Dukes at Poseur Ink has launched a Kickstarter Project to fund a new comic, Octobriana. "Donating" (again, it doesn't really feel like a donation. It's not like NPR where you send $150 and get a coffee mug, the stuff you get is worth well more than the money you're sending) gets you access to a bunchof cool stuff in return. Check out the donation page for all the details.

One of these days I'll blog about the cool projects I'm working on again, too. But right now everything is in either the "keep it a secret" stage, or the "almost done, let's wait until we have something to show before promoting it" stage.

MORE QUOTATION MARKS """"""""""""!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

March grew a beefy arm, and punched me in the jaw.


Here's why I'm busy every single weekend in April and May:

April 3-4: Working at the library.

April 10-11- MoCCA Art Fest in NYC. I'm NOT an exhibitor this year, because last year's convention was so poorly run and they decided to make it up to us by a) raising the prices, and b) moving the show to April, like I don't have enough to that month. But may come visit just to hang out in the city for a day.
Will this year's MoCCA Fest be better than last year? Well, it's less than a month away, and there's still no exhibitor list or floor plan on their website, so I'm thinking no. It'll be just as crazy and disorganized as last year, just not as warm.

April 16-26: Jon Chad and I are spending ten days in the Pacific Northwest! We're gonna see Ma and Pa Frakes, spend a day in Seattle, then take the train down to Portland for the Stumptown Comics Festival.

May 1-2: It's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. But, I have to work. Whatever, all the comics are free when you work at a library.

May 8-9: Come see me at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! This will be my first time exhibiting in Canada, and my first trip to a Canadian city that's not Vancouver. Also can't wait to eat some good Cantonese BBQ. I wonder if they'll let me take a whole roast pig back across the border?

May 15-16: Ma and Pa Frakes are coming to New York, so I'm heading down to spend the weekend with them. It's also the Fifth Center for Cartoon Studies Graduation. I'm sorry not to be able to see this class walk. They're a pretty amazing group.

May 22-23: Maine Comic Arts Festival! This was a blast last year, and it's nice to exhibit at a convention that's only three hours away. I'll be tabling with Jon Chad, Laura Terry, and we'll also have books by Katherine Roy.

And then, I'll be dead from exhaustion.

I'd like to be cremated, have my ashes stored in a bookend and placed in the Schulz Library. I'd prefer to be kept in the Humor section, though I suppose Student Work would be more appropriate.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Can't trust that day.

News item #1- You can now buy my "Color Comics" mini online at I Know Joe Kimpel! It's legal digest, 20 pages, full color. It's all reprinted material, color comics I did for BASH! Magazine, Myspace Dark Horse Presents and Seven Days, but most of that isn't available anymore so I don't feel too bad about it.

News item #2- Still working on putting together a Sir Christopher book, with all of the online pages plus a new short story. Above is the title panel from the short.

And a sample from the story. It seems like I draw this image, or ones similar to it, quite a bit.

non News item- I've been trying to post things from my sketchbook every Monday. Here's an unfinished Sketchbook comic about my crazy hair, and why I've kept it short since I was like ten.

Apologies to my dad for joking about his bald spot/parenting. My parents are both pretty awesome, there are just things that moms are better at paying attention to.