Friday, October 12, 2012

Comic Tools- Circle Cutter!

Think I've mentioned this before, but I live near a little Japanese imports dollar store (Diaso!) that often has random art and mini comics making supplies- cheap brush and sketch pens, sumi ink and brushes, etc. AND I've wanted a circle cutter for a while now, for fancier mini comics covers, but thanks to the scrapbookers have never been able to find one under $30. THEN I saw this little beauty at Diaso-

Ha! Cutting holes in holes in things is too much fun. I plan to have a new mini ready for Short Run in a few weeks, and you can bet I'm gonna find a way to use this on the cover!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Mix

There's this thing I've come to call creative procrastination, where there's a project I really need to work on, but I don't feel like it for whatever reason (my brushes aren't behaving, I've come to hate the main character, lost my lettering guide again, etc.) so instead I invent some new and unimportant project that NEEDS to be done first.

This week, it was making a Halloween Mixed CD.

The self-imposed rule: songs had to already be in my iTunes library (no downloading new music or ripping things from other cds. Ended up with about 30 songs that vaguely fit the theme, narrowed it down to 20:
So...that was fun! Now, back to work.