Monday, August 4, 2014



I was tagged in the Writing Process Blog Tour by my friend Denis St John. Check out his Amelia comics if you like 70's horror movies.

Since I write more with images than words, I figured it was only right to draw a comic for this project.

I'm now tagging S. S. Taylor, writer of mysteries and graphic novels, Annie Murphy, cartoonist and tarot card expert, and David Lasky, and cartoonist/graphic novelist and fellow Seattleite.

Also, I know I don't post here too often anymore. You'll find more frequent updates at the main site,


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Comics on the Web

Washaway is nearly sold out, and I'm not sure about reprinting so I decided to just post the whole thing here on the site. This story was being serialized a few panels at a time on my old website, but I broke the thing before the story was finished.

If anyone is upset by the ending- you've read my comics before. You should know better.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hey! Long time no...write. So I took a break for summer, and since the stores have already started all their "Back to School" nonsense and sunscreen is on 70% off clearance, summer must be over. Even if it is still a million degrees outside.

So here's some things that happened while I was away:

  • I moved the website over to tumblr, for easy updating. It does mean the webcomic archives are gone, but nobody read that nonsense anyway.
  • Rob Clough reviewed a bunch of my comics, and Sundays 5 (I've got a short comic in that anthology).
  • The Comics Reporter was nice enough to link to the afformentioned tumblr site. And they wished me a happy birthday! 
  • I survived Tablegeddon 2013 and will be exhibiting at the Small Press Expo in a few weeks. 10 days, according to the countdown on their site.
  • Speaking of SPX, they were nice enough to write up an SPX Spotlight of my comics on their blog.
  • The Graphic Canon vol. 3 ended up on the New York Times Bestseller list!
And...I think that's everything. Besides the million comic projects I had to complete. And turning 31. That was a thing.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

To Draw

Hey. It's been a couple weeks since I updated this blog. And it'll probably be a couple more until I update it again. Been looking at the website and blog lately and it feels a little...old. Stale. Posting is going to take a back seat to the site re-design for a little bit!

On top of all this other stuff.
This is my current to do/to draw list. There are too many things on it. Some of them don't even make sense ('Calendar'? What does that mean, why did I write it? Did I promise to draw something for a calendar?) 
Here's a photo of my desk right now, with the four comics I'm working on sorted into separate piles. There's also two other comics I'm supposed to finish before the end of the summer, that I haven't started yet FOR OBVIOUS REASONS.

Another round of "Island Brat" stories will be finished soon. Would people prefer to see another mini comic (Island Brat 3?) or a collection of all the stories with an additional 30 pages of material? I can't make up my mind on which to do. 

Tragic Relief 14, the "Washaway" story that's been running over on the comics site, will be ready for VanCaf. Probably. I mean, it's all done except the cover, I just hate drawing covers and have been dragging my feet on finishing this.
And it's easy to drag your feet when you have a really exciting project to work on.
Next week- Probably nothing. Unless the website stuff goes quicker than I thought.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Convention Schedule and New Minis 2013


Here's the conventions I'm attending this year, and the brand new comics I'll have there:

Vancouver Canada- VanCaf, May 25th and 25th with Nomi Kane and Jen Vaughn
*New mini comic- Tragic Relief #14 "Washaway", see the story so far online.

*New mini comic- "I Should Have Dumped You When..." a collection of gags based on my unintentionally funny life (sample page above)

And...that's it.
I have a couple more comics in the works (haven't decided yet if I should do Island Brat 3 or just try to publish a collection), just need shows to debut them.

Here's some other conventions that I have applied to and/or would REALLY LIKE to apply to when their applications are available:

Stumptown April 27th and 28th (been waitlisted again, fingers crossed)
SPX, Sept 14th and 15th (may the odds be ever in your favor!)
Rose City Comicon, Sept 21st and 22nd (application in the mail!)

APE, Oct 12th and 13th (haven't been in years)
Geek Girl Con, October 19th and 20th (because I could walk there)

 Short Run, Nov 30th (I have a good feeling about this one)

So much for the plan to cut back this year...any others I should be shooting for? 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Diary Tunes 2012

Diary Tunes time again! Robyn Chapman organizes this cd exchange every year, I think this is the 6th time I've gotten to participate? I kinda look forward to this all year.
Since I felt like I spent most of 2012 just spinning my wheels and filling up sketchbooks without making a lot of comics, I called this mix the "Never-Ending Sketch Party" and did a bunch of themed doodles for the track list. And yes, I already know I have weird taste in music. Excited to see what everyone else sends!