Monday, February 27, 2012

Diary Tunes 2011

Diary Tunes time again! Robyn Chapman organizes this mixed cd exchange every year, and this is the fifth time that I've been asked to participate.

This was a weird year. Moved across the county, new job, new place.I tried to find songs to go along with that.

Moving means I no longer have access to all the equipment in the CCS Production Lab, so my cd booklet isn't as fancy as it has been in previous years, but I made the best with what I had.

Coming Friday- Funny Aminals.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Razor Clams

It figures, immediately after announcing a new update schedule I forget about it and skip a day. But it was a holiday Monday, so I've decided that it doesn't count.

Over the holiday weekend, I went on a razor clam dig. It was cold and raining and the ocean was uncooperative, but it's still great fun. And when it's all over you get clam chowder!

Of course, it was all research for a comics project. Everything is research.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Found Objects

I am still without reliable internet access (hello coffee shops) and my efforts to PAY a company to provide me with internet service have only met with frustration. 


The plan right now is to try and update this blog every Monday and Friday, whether it means walking to the library and leaning out the window to try and steal wifi from a neighbor. This is happening.

On today's menu- things I discovered while unpacking! 

Baby's first zine.

Does this count as my first zine? It was in a box of my pre-school artwork. Hey, I stayed inside the lines!

Purple is the color of a purple.


These sketches are from last spring, while sitting around by myself waiting for a concert to start.
I'd completely forgotten about this whole thing until I found the sketchbook at the bottom of a box. Always check your tire pressure before starting out on a long trip! ...also, I need to invest in some color pens. My sketchbooks are pretty dull. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

ALIVE! and live from Seattle.


I am alive and well and living in the International District of Seattle. Six blocks from my work, one block from the Seattle Pinball Museum. There's an art supply store downstairs and a coffee shop about every ten feet. It's good to be home.

Here the trees wear sweaters.

There's a few basics I still don't have sorted out yet. Regular internet access. A scanner. What happened to my favorite pencil case, (bummed about that one. So many brush pens lost!) but it's all slowly being sorted.

I live here now.

Regular content is on it's way!