Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summertimes is fun times.

So, that thing happened again. The one where the weather starts getting nice and all these fun thing happen, and start thinking "Wow, White River Junction Vermont is a such great place to live! Why would I ever leave?"

Some examples of the fun:

Took a quick, weekend trip up there with Jess n' Jonch where we were caught in several torrential thunderstorms, worshiped at the feet of a glamorous comedy god, and I forgot to drink coffee and ended up with a migraine.

Montreal was the frenchiest place I've ever been, having never been to France. Or...anywhere really. I discovered pretty quickly that my two years of high school french and one year of college were pretty worthless. I mean, I can still read it okay- or at least well enough to figure out what sandwich I want on the menu and point to it. But I've totally forgotten how to speak it- assuming I ever knew.

The reason for driving three hours towards the frozen, frenchy North, was to attend the annual "Just for Laughs" festival and try to catch a glimpse of Noel Fielding, because I'm still obsessed with the Mighty Boosh and Jess thinks he's pretty.


The weekend after that, a group of us went cabin camping up in the Northeast Kingdom.

Where it was cold, but we endured. Thankfully we had a Texan, Keny, along to take care of the grilling. It was an amazing spread. There was also a lot of drinking games, but wussed out and went to bed at like 11pm.

I know this entry is a little contradictory, because I start off talking about how much fun WRJ is in the summer, but all these good times happened a couple hours' drive away from here. But, all the fun times happened because I live in a town with these cartoonists and creative types who are good at thinking up fun things to do, and WRJ is just a couple hours drive from all sorts of cool places. Future summer plans include a quick jaunt to Maine for a free concert, and a long weekend in Boston with visiting family.

Comics are being drawn too, I swear. There are 2-3 new minis planned for SPX, provided this new printer I'm trying doesn't rip me off (their prices are so low, I'm really afraid they're gonna rip me off). But by then it will be Fall, and I'll start to hate it here again.

Stupid constant threat of snow.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TRULY outrageous?

Time for the weekly update. Spent a lot of time in the studio this weekend, even managed to put in a full eight-hour day on Saturday. But the time was mostly spent on corrections.

One of the big projects was redrawing two pages I'd originally done way back in 2005.
Not sure if I'm allowed to write about this project or not, so here's a panel that doesn't give anything away. The top one was drawn in 2005, and the bottom redone over the weekend. So if nothing else, art school taught me to draw necks

Also been doing more little 4x6 watercolor paintings, because I enjoy them and in turn people seem to enjoy buying them. It's a nice arrangement. Here are three that are already in the mail:

You can purchase one yourself, if you are so inclined,at my Etsy store.

Okay, enough with the shameless plugs. See you next week.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summertime is fun times.

Lodge Camping Trip

It's summer in Vermont! The best time of year. I'm taking as many photos as possible, in hope that the memory of the sun will sustain me through the long, coming winter.

Anyway, we went on a camping trip! The college I work for owns a lot of property, and has several cabins for rent out in the New Hampshire wilderness.

Lodge Camping Trip

Like most of our events, this one was characterized by everyone worrying that we wouldn't have enough food, then ending up with WAY too much food. Many thanks to the Lamberts, Chuck and Melissa for bringing/preparing the majority of the feast, and for helping with all the planning.

Lodge Camping Trip

Here's proof I'm having a good time, as Jon berates a smile out of me.

Also been borrowing a lot of DVDs from the library, and started a sketchbook just for movie doodles:

Movie Sketchbook
Movie Sketchbook

Ponyo was great- I missed it when it was in theaters a while back.

Movie Sketchbook

Didn't like Tron so much, but the trailers for the sequel look pretty cool.

Movie Sketchbook

Squidbillies is fun. I haven't really enjoyed much of the Unknown Hinson music I've heard so far- I think he might be one of those artist you need to see live.

Movie Sketchbook

Ah, bad 80's cartoon memories. Mutant rock star mice things battle it out in the future...sometimes on roller skates?

That's all for this week. Get out and enjoy the summer!