Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Convention Appearances 2009:

Stumptown, April 19th and 19th
Oh Portland, how I love you.
Maine Comic Arts Festival, May 17th
I've never been to Maine before.


MoCCA, June 6th and 7th
Hope to be debuting my 2nd book here, if I can get it finished and get a table. Either way, I'll be there hanging out with the IKJK crowd.

SPX, September 26th and 27th
I turned my registration in a bit late- though not as late as I did last year! Either way I'll be here with a box of books.

...and that's all for 2009. I don't plan on attending APE again this year. As much fun as the convention and being in San Francisco
was, it didn't make up for all the headache of getting a temporary seller's permit and filing taxes (which I'm still working on). Sorry, California!

New Reviews:

The Try Harder blog did a nice little write up of Indelible that I somehow missed. Thank you!

Inkstuds was also nice enough to review the 2nd Four-Square Anthology, No. While you're there, you should take a break and listen to their podcast. It's perfect to draw to.

And Henry Chamberlain at Newsarama did a lovely review of the Xeric edition of Tragic Relief. Thanks, Henry!

New Art:

Still working on the bear story, but there is an end in sight. And a monster in the woods, look out!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

CCS-ers in Seven Days

For the last few months, the Vermont weekly free paper Seven Days has been running a section called Drawn and Paneled, featuring work by CCS students and alumni. This month they have a page from '08 alum, two time Ignatz winner, and former roomie Chuck McBuck that made me laugh so hard I fell out of my chair.

Check it out. And check out the archives! There's some beautiful work there.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Shameless promotion of myself and others

I have a four-page comic in Side B: A Music Lover's Anthology...

...which has been picked up by Diamond! It will be available in their April edition of Previews, with retailer pre-orders available from April 1st. The book also contains work from friends
Jon Chad, Joshua Rosen, Morgan Pielli, and was edited by Rachel Dukes.

I have a one-pager in I Saw You, Missed Connections Comics...

Which is available now and seems to be getting a lot of good reviews. This one has work by friends Alec Longstreth, Dan Archer, Dan Barlow, Megan Baehr, Ken Dahl and a whole lot of other people I can't remember right now.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

BASH! Magazine news

Hi all,

Washington D.C.'s free monthly comics paper, BASH! Magazine is moving from print to web format. Here's the press release from editor Jonathan Hampton:

For Immediate Release, February 12th, 2009


Jonathan Hampton

So begins the next incarnation of BASH Magazine. We've put seven issues featuring exclusively comic content onto the streets of Washington, D.C. in a big way, approximately 20,000 copies of each. We've grown our pool of artists and brought a unique form of comic storytelling to thousands of people who would have never been exposed to it. Producing and distributing BASH Magazine in this way is a helluva lot of fun and, we believe, worthwhile. But, it has not been sustainable. As a niche magazine fighting for print advertising dollars in a recession, let us say simply, "Yikes." That said, we're ready to usher in the next age of BASH Magazine.

Beginning in March, we will stop monthly printing of the free comic paper. Our website, - which has heretofore redistributed the paper content with a few extras - will become the focus of our time and efforts. We will continue to showcase unique comic storytelling from a variety of artists. Additionally, this freedom will allow us to provide more content to a growing audience. Our artists, our readers, and us - we love to see comics on a printed page. As such, we haven't closed the door on printing: keep an eye out for special printed collections in the future. But, as of now, BASH Magazine Online will be our focus. A whole new website is in the works. We'll keep you posted on its progress and launch date.

Until then, we remain,

BASH Magazine

You can find work on the BASH! Magazine comics calendar from I Know Joe Kimpel and Center for Cartoon Studies artists Colleen Frakes, Bryan Stone, Sean Ford, Dan Archer, Jeff Lok, and Morgan Pielli.

Happy Reading!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


This was a weekend for getting things done! I tried to wrap up as many small, side projects as possible so I can start really concentrating on the bear story. Here's what I've been up to:

My friend Andrew is an amazing writer, and I've been trying to get a collaboration going with him since I came to CCS. Think we've finally got something going with this long form erasure poem he's been sending me in pieces. Finished the first section yesterday. The text is based on the memoirs of 17th-century English explorer dude William Dampier.

I've been working on this short comic in my sketchbook on-and-off since November, finished it up yesterday, too. It's monsters and sexy girls in glasses and their underwear in the woods. What's not to like?

This is part of a panel from my submission to "Awesome 2: Awesomer" :
I totally flipped out when I was invited to submit to this anthology! Jeff Smith did the cover, and the list of contributors is just amazing. Part of the profits from sales of the book go to a scholarship for The Center for Cartoon Studies, which is...well, awesome. Finished this up and sent off the pages yesterday.

Just one small side project to finish now, and I'm free. In the meantime, I've got bears to draw.