Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Portraits 1

I work in a library, and, when I'm not drawing, I spend much of my time reading.
Having recently enjoyed several other people's portrait series, I decided to do one of my own.

20 portrait from my favorite books! They're gouache on toned paper. I'll post a new one every Monday. First is Titus Groan, from the Gormenghast Trilogy, by Mervyn Peake. This is Lady Fuchsia Groan and her new brother, Titus.

"...a girl of about fifteen with long, rather wild black hair. She was gauche in movement and in a sense ugly of face, but with how small a twist might she not suddenly have become beautiful. Her sullen mouth was full and rich -- her eyes smoldered."

Titus is just described as ugly.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

More from Stumptown


Delicious hot sauce
A full cup of ice coffee
Vegan pork fried rice

I am a clumsy ass. Thankfully my sister had a washer and dryer.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stumptown 2009!

I spent a week in Oregon, visiting family and selling my wares at the Stumptown Comics Festival.

The family. Look at how happy they are to see me.

The family had me make a list of things to do while I was visiting. Dim Sum was at the top of that list.

Since Jon Chad was visiting the Pacific Northwest for the first time, I also requested that we get out of the city and see some nature. Here's Jon, drinking it in.

Robyn Chapman's zine Hey! Four Eyes! had its west coast debut the night before Stumptown at Guapo Comics and Coffee. Jon Chad and I read from our submissions to help promote the zine. I had to follow Tom Neely, which was really intimidating.

We were up bright and early the next day for Stumptown! Here's our pretty table, chock full of wares.

We were neighbors with the Center for Cartoon Studies. Here's Robyn, ready to show the Portland kids all that CCS has to offer.

Being back in the PNW means I get to see some of my favorite people from back home. I caught up with fellow Greener Chelsea Baker (pictured center) who was an original member of our Cartoonist's Society back at Evergreen, and is now running the Olympia Comics Festival. Also got to chat briefly with Greener pals Connor Moran and Max Sato.

Midway through the second day, supplies were running low. This lovely lady bought Jon Chad's VERY LAST copy of Shortstack. Look at how happy comics have made her.

End of the day, Jon Chad has zero books, and I have a small fraction of what I bought with me. Most of what's left is t-shirts...anybody wanna buy a t-shirt? Come see me at MECAF!

I successfully eluded the Stumptown Photographer for the second year in a row, but Greg Means managed to take a photo of us. Everyone was pretty pleased with how the festival turned out.

More photos on my flickr site. Thanks!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Reading at Guapo Comics

I'll be at Stumptown April 18th and 19th, at table #100! Hope to see you there.

Also, if you have the chance, you should vote for the Maisie Kukoc awards. Some pretty great minis have been nominated this year.

Friday April 17th, 7-11pm, FREE
Guapo Comics & Coffee, 6350 SE Foster Road, Portland

Sparkplug Comic Books, Guapo Comics & Coffee, Tugboat Press, Teenage Dinosaur, MacTarnahan?s Brewing and the Kukoc Awards throw a party! This gala opening party for the Stumptown Comics Fest will include a comics reading, art show, multi-book premiere, and awards presentation. About as much as we could pack into one evening.

Eight cartoonists will be reading from their work, blown up large for the whole world to see. Readers will include Calvin Wong (2009 Kukoc Award nominee: Ramble On!), Tom Neely (2007 Igantz winner: The Blot), Corinne Mucha (Xeric Award winner: My Alaskan Summer), Hellen Jo (Jin & Jam #1), Jason Martin (Laterborn), Colleen Frakes (Xeric Award winner: Tragic Relief), Julia Gfrörer (All the Ancient Kings), and Jon Chadurjian (2008 Kukoc Award nominee: Leo Geo)

The Maisie Kukoc Award for Comics Inspiration will be presented during the reading. This prestigious award recognizes self-publishers of small-press, hand-made comics (sometimes called "mini-comics"), and includes a cash prize of 450 bucks.

On display will be "Spaced Out," an art show on the theme of outer space, with works by local (and internationally recognized) artists Zack Soto, Dunja Jankovi?, Theo Ellsworth, Chris Cilla, Sean Christensen, and Andrice Arp.

Seven comic books will make their debut: Reich #6, Papercutter #9, Jag Off, Hey, 4-Eyes! #3, Department of Art #1, Dookieball Jones, and *FREE COMIC BOOK* Bird Hurdler--an anthology of Portland-based cartoonists who will all be present at the event.

Beer from MacTarnahan's Brewing and other drinks & eats from local businesses will be provided.

Take yourself out for a night. You deserve it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hey! Four-Eyes! Release party

Last night was the Hey! Four-Eyes! issue #3 book release party at the Center for Cartoon Studies. Robyn Chapman puts this zine together, and does an aaaaaamazing job. I have no idea where you can buy a copy right now (except at Stumptown in a few weeks) but as soon as I do I will post it here.

Yesterday it rained like crazy, so we didn't get as much of the First Friday foot traffic as we were expecting, but it was still a pretty nice turnout.

Look at all the happy, bespecktacled faces!

There were copies of all three issues, plus comics by some of the contributors.

And here's issue #3 with cover by Jim Medway, and my own sad eyeglasses, currently held together with scotch tape and hope.

There's more photos of the exhibit (which I believe is coming down today) on my flickr page.