Monday, September 5, 2011

SPX time! Sept 10th-11th, 2001 in Bethesda MD

SPX 2011
Why did I think trying to move cross-country right before SPX was a good idea? Things are a little crazy, but whatever, THIS IS HAPPENING! Get on board the crazy train.

Okay, SPX. I'll be at table D1, where I'll have a pile of mini comics on sale CHEAP for $1, copies of Island Brat, The Trials of Sir Christopher, and Tragic Relief and lots of little paintings.

Sharing the table will be Jon Chad, with his Bikeman series and a new issue of Drop Target,

and Ms. LAURA TERRY, who has been nominated for an Ignatz Award for Outstanding Mini Comic!
You should come check it out. And if you like her comics, maybe vote for her. I know we'd all appreciate it. Hope to see you in Bethesda!

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