Monday, December 29, 2008

Blueberry Mountain

Still working away on the bear story. I drew these panels in a Starbucks in Manhattan. It's pretty sad, but being from the Seattle area, I miss Starbucks. We don't have them in Vermont!
Rob Clough did a review of the first chapter of this story over on his new blog. You should read it, and then send him some comics. Or a pie.

...I think I need to go eat lunch now.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

BASH magazine

I completely forgot I had a comic up on the BASH Magazine Comic Calendar yesterday.

Check it out. There's also lots of great comics up there by fellow CCS alumni Bryan Stone, Morgan Pielli, Sean Ford, and current student Dan Archer. You can pick up BASH for free if you live in the D.C. area. They don't offer subscriptions...but I really wish they did.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Update Blog- CHECK!

This weekend was for checking things off my comics "to-do" list.

New icon for IKJK site redesign. CHECK!

Finish another chapter of the bear story. CHECK!

2 page painted comic for BASH magazine #6. CHECK!

Ink and scan my 3-page submission for Side B. CHECK!

What's left on the list:

-Finish lettering my Side B comic (I've been working on this thing since Spring, but it keeps getting pushed onto the back burner for other projects. No more!)

-Submission for the "Love Comics" anthology that the current CCS freshmen are putting together.

-I was asked to draw a "Bearotaur" or "Minobear", half bear and half bull. Not sure how this is gonna work yet.

OH YEAH! And Rob Clough was kind enough to review some of my work on SeqArt again. The website seems to be down, but Penina found a Google cached version of it. Check it out. He also reviews some of my favorite books that the CCS alums have put together this year. Man, I know some amazing people!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Side B" submission

Here are a few sample panels from my submission to Side B. I'm posting them here as a way to force myself to finish it!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bikes and Bears and Books

I can't believe I forgot to post for the whole month of November! I had plenty of things I could have written about, too. Like the I Know Joe Kimpel gang and I went to APE in San Francisco, where we had a great time, sold a lot of comics, and met Matt Groening.

This last thing was huge for me, since Mr. Groening is a fellow alumni of The Evergreen State College. Go Geoducks!

After APE, I attended a library conference for work in Boston, taught a class of high school students with cartoonists Bryan Stone and Jon Chad, went home to the Northwest for ten days, then got back to Vermont and collapsed in a heap.

All the while (on planes, in hotel rooms, in coffee shops, and when I should have been paying more attention) I've been drawing comics!

Yup, I'm still working on that bear story. More here.

After I was done scanning pages, I attended a bike parade to celebrate the 37th Birthday of Jon Chad's bike, Scamander (hey, it's White River Junction. We welcome any excuse to have a party).

I don't have a bike anymore, so I stood on the street corner, yelling and taking photos.

And I learned that I don't take very good pictures in the dark. This was the best of the bunch, but there are more of these on flickr, too.

Giant Size Tragic Relief is now available at Atomic Books. Right now that's the ONLY retail store where it's available, so be sure to grab a copy.