Monday, September 19, 2011

Journey Home part 1- SPX

Okay, so I'm moving back to Washington, right? And I decide that, instead of flying straight there, to make a bunch of stops along the way. So I head from Vermont to Bethesday, MD for the Small Press Expo (SPX, like anyone reading this doesn't already know that), from there to New York City, then Chicago, then Los Angeles, then home.

SPX 2011

This was a stupid idea. It's also been awesome...and sad, and exhausting, and you wouldn't believe this bruise on my leg from where the rolling suitcase keeps bumping into it...but mostly awesome.  Anyway, the first stop was SPX!

SPX 2011

I was lucky enough to share a table once again with Jon Chad and Laura Terry. Katherine Roy had to miss the show this year, which was sad, but it was because she had a gallery opening to attend, which is great!

We were also next to the Sundays guy and gal, which was nice. Family reunion!
SPX 2011

The Ignatz Awards happened. Joseph Lambert won two of them, which surprised no one but delighted everyone. Look at that crowd! Cartoonists are a fire hazard.

SPX 2011

Been putting off writing an SPX wrap-up post because I was struggling with what to write in regards to Dylan William's passing. So many people have articulated it better than I ever could. I only met Dylan twice, once in Olympia when I was just starting out, and once in Portland at his Bad Apple dvd store. When two shy and quiet people meet, not much happens. I've come to know him better through the good things others had to say about him, and...yeah. It's a sad time.

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