Friday, February 26, 2010


One step closer to having a real website. Kinda.
Check it out!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekly Something

This weekend I became genuinely worried that I'd forgotten how to ink. This is especially troubling, as I'm supposed to give an inking demo for Comics 101 at the Ditko Zine Library next week. The page above is for an anthology. Pretty sure there's more whiteout on the page than ink, and it still looks like I drew it with my foot.

Eh, Whatever.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Basket Ogress #1 SOLD OUT

I have no more copies of Basket Ogress #1 for sale! It was a numbered, limited edition and they are GONE.

There's a review of it here.

Places where you can probably still find a copy:

I Know Joe Kimple
Trees and Hills (it's not on the website yet, Colin bought a bunch of copies from me. Shoot him an e-mail)
Stephen Bissette might have some copies for sale at his booth in the Quechee Antique Mall, if you're in the area.

And...that's it! At least until the book comes out, and it already looks like I'll be redrawing half these pages for the final book anyway.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sketchbook Follies: Victorian, Regency, Jacobian

Because I don't have time to sew crazy costumes or prance about with community theater people anymore.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Last of the Basket Ogress Pages

I'm very close to finishing "Basket Ogress" (not counting corrections, of course), so these are the last pages of the book that I'm going to post. You can read more than half of the story online here. The whole book will (hopefully) be available in stores by May.

Speaking of stores- if you're in the Upper Valley area, visiting the Center for Cartoon Studies or skiing or sampling some maple syrup, there's a bunch of local stores that are now carrying my books, and books by other local cartoonists! Here's a short list:

The Grape Vine in the Hotel Coolidge, 39 South Main Street in White River Junction, VT. They're primarily a gift shop/convenience store, but they've got a little spinner rack with our comics.

Revolution at 26 North Main Street in White River Junction. Coolest clothing store in the area, also have a nice display of local comics, books and zines.

Left Bank Books in Hanover NH has a display of CCS mini comics right near the register. While you're there, check out their used books. There's some amazing stuff.

Stephen Bissette maintains a booth at the Antique Mall at Quechee Gorge Village. It's full of comics, movies, memorablia AND comics by Steve, CCSers, alumni and other local cartoonists. Quechee is a bit of a drive, but there are free cheese samples at the Cabot store in the same building, so it's worth it.

And...I think that's it? Something new next week.