Sunday, January 25, 2009

Making Comics, Reading Comix

February's issue of BASH Magazine should be out soon, and I'll have another comic in there. This one, for Valentine's Day, is from the Chinese story, "The Bridge of Magpies". Have I mentioned that BASH Magazine is FREE?

As you can see, I have only the most basic idea of how a loom works. I used photo reference for this, I swear!

I had a ton of fun doing costume research for this one. Ended up settling on the Qing Dynasty clothing, just because it worked best with my paired-down style. Han is prettier, but there's all these layers and crazy hair ornaments and things that make it too complicated.

I think I've been trying too hard to work stars into all of my comics lately. It's all this Vermont winter sky.

Also got some excellent comics in the mail this month. Last year at MoCCA I traded Marek Bennet a copy of my book for a subscription to Mimi's Donuts. I really think I got the better end of that deal. Marek recently got a Xeric grant, too, so there'll be a collection out soon. My copy of Always Comix Age Eight arrived, and it's SOOOO pretty! Man, do I envy people who can screen print. I also joined Liz Baillie's Mini Comic of the Month Club, and my first comic arrived like two days later. And there was a squid in it. Total bargain!

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