Monday, January 19, 2009

Bibliography Part 6- Trees and Hills

Trees and Hills is this great cartooning collective made up of people from the Vermont/New Hampshire/ Western Mass area. They've been putting out anthologies pretty regularly lately...I wanna say twice a year? And each one is a little better than the last.

Reasons I like contributing to the Trees and Hills anthologies-

1. The editors great.
2. They're REALLY generous with the contributor copies
3. They promote the books! I know this seems like an obvious thing, but so many of the mini comics anthologies don't send out press releases or review copies. It makes a huge difference!

You know...I don't even remember which comic of mine is in this one. Uh, little help?

For the next three issues, I did these fun little comics called "Space Ninja vs. Zombie". The title is pretty self explanatory. At the time Trees and Hills was trying to keep their anthologies all-ages, and I wanted something that would be kid safe, and also fun for me to draw.

Twig is a little Free Comics Book Day flyer that Trees and Hills put together. The strip I have in there was from when I tried (and failed) to make the history comics challenge.

For this one I left the Zombies and Ninjas behind, and did a little recipe comic about making soup with my Dad. When he was younger, he worked in a Chinese restaurant, learned a lot of the recipes, and taught my sister and I a lot about cooking. Seeds has been a real break-out bestseller for the group, and comes with a recipe book and packet of organic seeds you can plant.

If you live in this area, I would really recommend submitting to these anthologies. And buying them. Actually, I'd recommend that for people who don't live in the area, too.

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