Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bibliography part 2

Here's some examples of my earliest surviving work. It's all really embarrassing, but I'm just gonna have to get over that.

A collection of comedic short stories my Dad wrote in college that he asked me to illustrate. He gave copies out to the family as Christmas Gifts that year. I should note that my Dad finished college during my Sophomore year of High School...and that we both went to the same college, and had the same Creative Writing professor. It was a little weird. Beyond the family and his classmates, no one has ever read these, but they're pretty brilliant. I have secret plans to someday submit them to a bunch of magazines without him knowing, because he'll never try publish them. The illustrations...not so brilliant. Just some sloppy charcoal drawings that make me cringe now.

OH GOD. I hate this thing so much. While in my first year at Evergreen, I wrote an Independent Contract to make comics for a semester. I had no idea what I was doing, and everything went horribly HORRIBLY wrong. The contract was for 10 semester credits, and to earn those I had to make an 18 page comic plus covers, reproduce it, sell it at the Olympia Comics Festival, read these 5 books on making comic and write a 3-page essay for each one. BUT because of when the festival was scheduled, and because I'm an idiot, I ended up having to make, reproduce and sell the comic in a month, THEN do all the work on learning to make comics.

This comic makes no sense, and was crazy expensive to produce because I didn't know what I was doing. My adviser loved it though- she called it "refreshingly female". This comment really bothered me for some reason, and inspired the gag comic that I submitted to...

The Ovarian (love the title)! The annual Zine put out by the Women's Resource Center. I know some of the comics I'd drawn for the student paper pissed these gals off, so I was honored they'd still accepted my submission to their zine.

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