Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bibliography part 3- Olympia!

It's Olympia, the annual anthology put out by the Olympia Comics Festival!

I contributed to four issues of this great little anthology, and as far as I know they're still putting them out every year. You don't have to live in Olympia or attend the festival to contribute, but it helps.

The first year I contributed, I was also the Editorial Assistant over at Slightly West, who did the production for this book. During my last few weeks of college, when I should have been writing final papers and saying goodbye to friends, I was locked in the lab scanning comics for this. We didn't know what we were doing, so the editor had me scan everything at 2400dpi, which took FOREVER. My blood and tears are in this book! Tim Sinaguglia did the cover. I love his work, I hope he's still making comics.

...I can't remember who did the covers for any of the other issues, and they're packed away in a box now so I can't really go look them up. If anyone else out there knows, clue me in and I'll update this!

Fun Fact: This is the only issues that doesn't have a cute indie girl on the cover! They know their audience.

Olympia is always a really fun book, with a good mix of established and new talents. The festival is one of my favorites to attend. The stage show is a ton of fun (and takes place before the sales floor opens, so all of the artists can actually attend), it's inexpensive (around $10 for a table, compared to $300+ for shows like SPX and MoCCA) and just really relaxed. Attendance varies a lot from year to year, and I've yet to see the kind of big crowds that the festival deserves, especially being so close to Seattle and Portland. Hopefully the festival's new director, Chelsea Baker, can help with that!

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