Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Panel to Panel: Exploring Words & Pictures

And now it's time to talk about how great "Panel to Panel" is, and why you should fund their book:

Reason #1- Their funding incentives are pretty awesome. Only $30 get you a copy of this 275 page, full color, dress-up to the nines book. I saw a preview copy at the Paint and Pixel fest, and it's quite a fancy publication.

Reason #2- I'm a contributor (ha)! I was asked to contribute illustrations of some public domain super heroes-

The Green Llama


This book will also features public domain superhero drawings by Josh Rosen, Bryan Stone, and Denis St. John! There's also interviews with/profiles of Stephen Bissette, Stan Sakai, Jim Woodring and Jaime Hernandez (!!!) AND there's only 11 days left to fund the project. Hope you can help out!

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