Thursday, May 19, 2011

If the world doesn't end on Saturday-

Then come to MECAF! Sunday, May 22, 2011 in Portland, Maine.

Here's this year's poster! Drawn by Zack Giallongo, and I helped with the coloring :)

The Spring convention season is almost over (for me), and this is a great show to end on. It's always very chill.

MECAF 2010

The convention takes place at the Ocean Gateway on the waterfront. On the water! We get to see sailboats cruise behind our tables!

MECAF 2010

Even though this is the Atlantic (and therefore inferior) Ocean, it's still pretty nice for an island kid who's been trapped in a landlocked state for six years.

ANYWAY, there are other things to recommend MECAF than just the location. I have comics in a couple of new anthologies there!

Team Werewolf is releasing a fourth volume of their celebrated mini comic anthology, plus a bonus kids comic, Pups! I have a short comic in the kid's book, advising the youngsters on the best ways to ward off werewolves.

Visions of the Aporkalypse, edited by Kevin Uehlein, comics about a post-apocalyptic future where have taken over the earth, and humans are their slaves. I've got a short comic in here as well, warning the humans of the dreaded Swineclops. A perfect gift for your favorite vegetarian. 

I'll be there with all the usual comics, plus I'm bringing MECAF bingo boards! Fill the board, and win a free comic. Hope to see you there!


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