Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm begging for money, just like everyone else on the internet!


Here's the link to the earlier post about McNeil Island. Here's an article with some more info about the place, for those who are curious: "The homes and schoolhouse are boarded up. Electricity and water have been turned off."

AND here's the link to my Etsy Store, where you can pre-order a copy of this mini comic and help fund my trip. I found a really good deal on plane tickets, and only need about 50 pre-orders to cover the costs!

Or if you don't like comics, I'm also taking commissions!

$20 for an 8.5x11 black and white drawing

and $30 for color

I'll draw just about anything you'd like, within reason. Nothing too dirty (pinups- yes, centerfolds- no.) These prices are a little higher than what I usually charge, but that's so that I don't get overwhelmed with requests.

Thanks in advance for those who are able to help! And to everyone who has sent me emails about the project so far. It's such a weird ordeal, and I'm glad to have comics to help me sort it out.

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