Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cartoonist's Night at the Theater 2- Eurydice at Dartmouth

As you might have guessed from the title of this blog or my comics, I'm a sucker for a good tragedy, and nobody does tragedy like the Greeks! So of course I jumped on the chance to attend Dartmouth's production of Eurydice last night with ever-talented Jen Vaughn. Hurray for theater!


We were seated in the balcony, so as not to distract the cast or other audience members with our furious sketching. Down side, this meant it was really dark. I did this sketch of the set before the lights were lowered, and a few blind drawings after that. The rest of my sketches were based on the blind drawings plus reference photos that Jen managed to take with her phone.


Eurydice (Genevieve Adams) and Orpheus (Ben Edlin).


Eurydice's father (Jamie Horton) reads her a letter.


The "Nasty Interesting Man" (Evan Curhan) and Eurydice (Genevieve Adams). I thought this character was supposed to be Aristaeus? He also played "The Lord of the Underworld", which I neglected to sketch because I didn't want to have to draw a tricycle.


The stones, (Mary Rockwell, Elizabeth Neil, and Katie Lindsay) sort of the Greek Chorus of the play.

It was a great production, and I was especially impressed by the sets and lighting. Go see it if you can!

by Sarah Ruhl
Carol Dunne & Peter Hackett directors

Eurydice...Genevieve Adams ’11
Her Father... Jamie Horton
Orpheus...Ben Edlin ’14
A Nasty Interesting Man/The Lord of the Underworld...Evan Curhan ‘14
A Chorus of Stones:
Big Stone...Mary Rockwell ’11
Little Stone...Elizabeth Neill ’13
Loud Stone...Katie Lindsay ’11

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