Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sketchbook Follies

Last Saturday a group of us went to Keene NH for their Halloween Spooktacular event. We did a signing at Comic Boom, then headed over to the Capital Theater to watch Brides of Dracula.

There weren't many people at the signing, so I had time to draw and ink a page of Basket Ogress, and sketch some super people.

I think pretty much everything Aquaman does is hilarious. DC can try to make him all dark and give him all the harpoon hands and eye patches they want, he's still just talks to fish.

And Wonder Woman, just because she's awesome. The owner of the store named his daughter Troia, after Wonder Woman's sidekick, Wondergirl. We all did some Wondergirl sketches for his daughter (who's 3, but I'm sure she'll appreciate it when she's older), but I neglected to take a picture. Oh well!

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