Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Artworks and South End Arts

I guess South End Arts is an art festival in Burlington? The description on the website reminded me of the Arts Walk they used to do twice a year in Olympia, only without the hippie parade.
Anyway- local businesses put up art, and 7Days was nice enough to do an exhibit of originals from Drawn and Paneled, where they regularly feature work by students/fellows/alumni of the Center for Cartoon Studies. It's very nice of them, and the comics they feature have been some of my favorite.

In this photo, there's work by Joe Lambert and Melissa Mendes.

Here's my page!

Here's a couple of people being wowed by Mr. Lambert's work. Over in the corner, I think you can see Chuck McBuck's Clubfoot strip, which is one of my favorites.

I wasn't able to actually see this exhibit in person. Michelle Ollie was nice enough to forward me the photos, which were taken by someone named Andrew at 7Days, and are used with permission. Thanks!

Last weeks was also ArtWorks at Dartmouth, which is the yearly event where staff members get to display their work in the Hopkins Center for a day (more like 7 hours, really) then we get fed a bunch of fancy cheeses and sent home. Please do not think I'm complaining! I am grateful for the fancy cheese! I just find the whole one-day exhibit thing to be really weird.

I'm not the only CCS grad working off their debt to society at Dartmouth. Fellow '07-er Bob Oxman is here too, working as a museum security guard. Here's a few pages from his epic Smuttynose story.

I just put up a few pages from the Basket Ogress. The woman in green there is reading a copy of the mini.

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