Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day!

I did not get to partake in the traditional Columbus Day festivities, because I had to work, but if you were lucky enough to have a day off, here is what you should do:

Columbus Day is coming up, and there has been a call to celebrate it. Remember that not only is it a profane and unwholesome day to celebrate, but it is also rarely regarded. Here's the official ceremony, as described by the minstrel Jason Webley:

One night prior, bake some cookies. Or brownies. And perhaps prepare something to drink, like delicious almond milk. Make a lot; you'll be giving them out.

Visit your local post office. When someone approaches with a package to mail, hide yourself in the bushes. Observe their confusion as to why the Post Office is closed on a Monday. They may well ask aloud, "Why, in God's Name, is this Post Office closed today?" At this moment, spring out from the bushes, loudly declaring:

Happy Columbus Day!!!

And then offer them milk and cookies as a consolation prize.

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