Thursday, September 10, 2009

Moral Centralia

Harvey Danger has been one of my favorite bands since high school. I've only been lucky enough to see them perform once, in 2004 at their 10 year reunion show in Seattle.

I was pretty down when I heard they were breaking up, and (after looking into prices of plane tickets) realized I wouldn't be able to attend any of the shows on their farewell tour. Though I did come REALLY close to shelling out $600 and flying to Seattle for the weekend.

But, this isn't the first time they've played a "final" show. Maybe I'll get to see them again in another ten years.

If anyone out there happens to have a copy of their new album, Dead Sea Scrolls, which was only available at the farewell tour, I would gladly pay whatever exorbitant price you've decided to charge for it.

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