Thursday, September 24, 2009

Come to SPX! Bring Money!

We're leaving for SPX tomorrow!

A ten hour road trip to Bethesda, this is going to be so great. I'm still getting over a cold, so I may just take a bunch of NyQuil and pass out until we get through the New Jersey turnpike. Our driver, Laura Terry, is a certified road warrior, so I'm sure we'll get there safe.

I'll be at table #G3 with Jon Chad, right next to our friends at One Percent Press and Sundays. I'll have copies of my new mini, Basket Ogress, of which there are only 75 signed and numbered copies, as well as Tragic Relief and the last few copies of Sketchbook Follies. They will also be plenty of copies of the Ignatz Award nominated Woman King, if anyone is interested in that sort of thing.

Jon Chad will have fresh copies of WhaleTowne, Leo Geo (with a new cover!), plus a new secret comic!

BUT that's just what'll be at our table! I also have comics in three NEW anthologies that are debuting at SPX:

The Big Sexy! An adult anthology by Offshore Comix. They were nice enough to ask me to do the cover, asking for something fun with no actual nudity, and something that would appeal to a variety of genders and sexual preferences.

And since Offshore Comix is a New England group, I thought that a game of Contact Twister would be appropriate, as it has roots in the Upper Valley. Anyway, here's the press release:

BIG SEXY includes contributions from Ignatz Award nominees Cayetano Garza Jr. and Colleen Frakes, along with a host of other emerging creators

An erotic post-war hook-up, a magic unicorn with a sexy secret, the tales of a former phone sex operator and a full-scale orgy on a city bus are among the subjects that the 17 cartoonists and comic creators tackled in the 90-page anthology.

BIG SEXY also features contributions by Bryan Stone, Jennifer Vaughn, Morgan Pielli, Rachel Dukes, Daniel Barlow, Anne Thalheimer, Colin Tedford, Tim Hulsizer, Madsahara, Joe Bacchus, Anna, Radical Warren, Meagan Frappiea, Liza Petruzzo and Denise Warren!

The comic was edited by Barlow, Tedford and Thalheimer and features a full color cover by Frakes. BIG SEXY costs $6 and is for adults only.

Shelter, the new anthology from Trees and Hills! I did another short "Space Ninja vs. Zombie" comic for this one, which is starting to feel out of place now that these books have taken a serious and more socially conscious turn. But, I'm reluctant to let the saga end. Cover is by friend and studiomate Matt Young! You can find Trees and Hills at table #C13

The Funny Aminals Anthology! I think I've already said enough about this book in previous posts. Other people have had some nice things to say about it, too. Come check it out, it'll be for sale at the I Know Joe Kimple table, #F9.

Those are my comics. Hope you get a chance to check out some of them.

Now, here's my SPX Shopping List:

  1. Snake Oil #4 by Chuck McBuck! You can also see a video preview of it here.
  2. Only Skin #4 by Sean Ford. Over the last few issues, a good part of the cast ended up wandering into the woods. Eager to find out what they'll meet there.
  3. Fire Messenger #2, by Penina Gal! A beautiful painted all-ages fantasy comic.
  4. Monsters by Ken Dahl. There's not much that I can say about this graphic novel that Alec hasn't already said. It's gorgeous, and you need to read it.
  5. Dark Corners Anthology- a horror anthology with NEW comics by Caitlin Plovnick, Mario VanBuren, Jeff Lok and Denis St. John.
  6. PS Comics by Minty Lewis. I should have picked this up at MoCCA. I failed
  7. Papercutter #11 by Tugboat Press
  8. Cross Country by MK Reed
...And then I'll be broke.
That's all. See you in Bethesda!

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