Friday, June 19, 2009

Woman King Reviews and New Studio

Sorry I've fallen behind on posting weekly paintings and comics. A group of us just moved into a NEW STUDIO! Moving is hard work. I'll catch up on scanning this weekend.

In the meantime, here's some nice things to read on other websites:

From the Daily Cross Hatch:
Frakes has come a long way since her earlier mini Tragic Relief (which was later re-drawn for the Xeric-funded release). Her lines are confident and vivid, her backgrounds are lush, and she knows how to apply dry brush strokes in a really effective, elegant way. Attending the Center for Cartooning Studies has clearly had a huge impact on how she works.

From Rob Clough at High-Low:
Frakes' work reminds me a bit of Eleanor Davis in the way she works in myth and allegory, putting a modern spin on it...Like Davis, there's a sensitivity in her line that borders on fragility, informing the actions and gestures of her characters.

From Henry Chamberlain at Newsarama:
Colleen Frakes' Woman King, a continuation on her take on fables and myth. Since her Xeric winning Tragic Relief, her work has gotten sharper and the scope of her storytelling keeps getting more complex. A recent graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies, Frakes finds herself coming into her own with Woman King giving us a distinctive style and vision.

And a nice mention from Brett Warnock at Top Shelf:
I got her awesome book Woman King, too, but in mini-comic form only. I saw at MoCCA that it's out now as an a beautifully designed "real" book.

Woman King cover

Buy a copy for yourself here!

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