Thursday, June 4, 2009


I KNOW JOE KIMPEL will be at tables 803 and 802.5 (the .5 is me!) at MoCCA this weekend, June 6th and 7th, at the Lexington Ave Armory. Doors open an 11am!

I designed this new postcard for the event (don't ask me what I was thinking. The answer is probably sleep deprivation), and here's the press release that Emily sent out:

I Know Joe Kimpel at the MoCCA Art Festival!

If you're reading this newsflash you probably already know that the MoCCA Art Fesival 2009 will take place next weekend, June 6th and 7th, at the Lexington Avenue Armory in NYC. The I Know Joe Kimpel crew is ready, or almost ready, with some great new releases.

Woman King by Colleen Frakes

Woman King!

Xeric award winner Colleen Frakes will be debuting Woman King, a story about a girl raised by bears and the cyclical nature of war. Woman King is a hefty 88-pages and is perfect bound, with b+w interiors, full color cover, printed on FSC Certified paper stock. Check the IKJK store for more from Colleen!

"Amelia by Denis St. John

Monsters And Girls! What else is there?"
-Gilbert Hernandez

That's right, Gilbert said it first. And you know if Gilbert said it, it must be true! Denis St. John will be representing this year with the debut of Monsters & Girls: Amelia part 2. Denis will also have copies available of the first part of the Monsters & Girls: Amelia saga, so don't miss out! As always, copies of Denis' book are also available at the IKJK store.

Huck & the Indians

Huck & the Indians

Emily Wieja will presenting a new book, Huck & the Indians, part one of a two part story which echoes the style and format of her previous books The End of the World and Huck and the Snake. In this book imaginings of Huck Finn's departure from civilization are expressed through raw renderings of landscape and emotion. Visit Emily's page at I Know Joe Kimpel for more books.

Trivial Anthology

"Sharp work... a cut-above collection"
- Newsarama

The 3rd 4-Square anthology from IKJK, Trivial, will also be available at MoCCA. Trivial features the works of Xeric award winning cartoonists Alex Kim (Wall City) and Alexis Frederick-Frost (La Primavera / Adventures in Cartooning), Sean Ford (the highly-acclaimed self-published Only Skin mini-series) and A.L. Arnold. Be sure to pick up a copy of this highly-rated anthology!

Other I Know Joe Kimpel artists who will be joing the fray are Mario van Buren, of Girls Don't Poop fame, who will be debuting a book called Prune Hands. How the hands got pruny, we're not sure. Mario says it's a surprise. There've been rumors circulating about Girls Don't Poop t-shirts too...

Bob Oxman will be journeying to MoCCA from the wilds of New Hampshire, bringing with him Smuttynose 2, the eagerly aniticpated follow-up to Smuttynose, a tale of murder and betrayal on the turbulent Maine coast.

We also have a new book on the site from Morgan Pielli, the first issue of his fantastic Indestructible Universe Quarterly. Morgan will have his own table at MoCCA as well so be sure to stop by and say hi to him, and check out his awesome blog in the meantime.

Hope to see you all at MoCCA!

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