Friday, April 20, 2012

Nothing new today, so here's something old. Back in like...2008-2009, CCS gave students to opportunity to sell their black and white line drawings to Sunrise Greetings (a division of Hallmark). I think they ended up buying about 100 drawings all together. I think they bought like 4 of mine, and then...that was it. Didn't hear anything more about the project. Then last week I was wasting time at Borders, and saw a bunch of familiar drawings in the greeting cards section!

I didn't recognize the name on this one, but it had the CCS logo on the back, so I'm guessing someone was using a pseudonym. Anyone want to claim it?

Still haven't seen any of my own drawings in card-form, but I heard tale of one showing up on a birthday card in a post office lobby a few years back. If anyone out there happens to find one, please snap a photo for me and I will totally reward you with fabulous prizes (like a free mini comic, or a drawing, or $2.50 since that's how much these cards costs)!

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  1. Could be wrong, but I think that one is Joe's.