Monday, October 31, 2011


I am not participating in NaGraNoWriMo (aka that bad idea I had in 2009) this year. Just moved across the country and went back to working retail. Too tired for extra comics projects. Or complete sentences.


While I whole-heartily endorse the challenge, I think I've gotten what I need out of the exercise. But, I will be following anyone else who's taken it on this year! So far the only participant I know of is the fabulous Beth Hetland. Anyone else in?

Phin's reading Colleen Frakes latest

If you want to buy the collected 2009 and 2010 efforts, it's available at the Trees and Hills website. The book has been endorsed by this adorable small child and his monkey friend, I hope you will enjoy it half as much.

Even though I won't be trying to complete a whole graphic novel this month, I'll still be updating the website every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with new sketchbook comics. In color!
Hope that's an acceptable substitute.

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