Monday, October 17, 2011

Long Journey Home part 4- Los Angeles

Oh right...I have a blog. Time to finish up this move report.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles! This was my last stop on the trip, but one I was really excited to see because so many of my friends have settled out there. I got to spend a few days with Adam Staffaroni and Heather Einhorn, and Adam was nice enough to give me a tour of the Boom! offices. Spent a day at Adriana Yugovich's, who is the new front-runner for "busiest person ever", but I got to stay at her cool house and meet up for lunch. And spent an afternoon with Caitlin Plovnick-

-we went to Newport Beach and pretended we were on Arrested Development.  Frozen banana stands everywhere!

So I'm a bad artist, and even thought I brought like four sketchbooks along on this trip, I kept forgetting them behind in the suitcase. First and only time I remembered was on a trip to the LA Zoo.

Los Angeles

This condor seemed to really enjoy the attention, he was hanging out at the back out the cage when I started sketching him, then got up close to check things out. Hope he approves of the likeness.

Los Angeles

Finally, a live elephant!

Los Angeles

Not sure if orangutans have a naturally sad face, or if this one was just having a bad day.
So yeah, LA was pretty great, but mostly because I'm lucky enough to know some great people. Other stuff happened too, but I'm tired of typing. Here's the pictures.

There will be comics on Wednesday, I promise.

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