Monday, August 8, 2011

Jabston Cabston- camping in VT

This might be my last summer in Vermont, and the last time that the fabulous Jess Abston will invite me (along with other CCS alumni/students/associates) to stay at her family's cabin on Long Pond in the Northeast Kingdom.

Like every year, this trip was full of fun and adventure!

Cabston 2011
Jess did mighty battle with an air mattress.

Cabston 2011
Then floated away, and had to be rescued. On our rescue mission, Keny, Denis and I learned that three people in a canoe is one too many. We rolled over, and the camera went with us. While it dried out, I tried to capture the trip with my sketchbook instead.

Here's the Jabston Cabston itself....architecture is not my strong point.

Oh, there was a monster in the pond. Too bad my camera wasn't working!

...sorry I spelled your name wrong, Keny.

 Spent a lot of time this trip dipping my feet in the water, and letting the minnows nibble at them. They're not quite as diligent as doctor fish, but it was pretty entertaining.

The Lamberts arrived a little later in the day, and joined us for swimming.

And I spelled Denis's name wrong, too. My sketchbook is full of lies!

Cabston 2011
The Cabston crew! Becca and Joe Lambert, Keny Widjaja, Jess!, Denis St. J, and myself.

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