Friday, April 22, 2011

"Island Brat", McNeil Island Comic, to debut at TCAF 2011!

*EDIT* Taking orders again! Copies will ship after TCAF-

This book is DONE! I've spent all of my free time these past couple of days assembling and binding 150 copies of it (there's still another 150 left to go, but I need a break). It'll be available in Toronto, CA at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, May 6-7 2011.

Thanks again to Annie Koyama and Koyama Press for funding the project! And to Washington State Department of Corrections and Dick Morgan, Paula Byrne and Judy Hubert (and a lot more people I'm probably forgetting) for giving the McNeil Island community a proper send off, and letting us come back to see the place one last time.


Here's a few preview pages. I tried to keep this project under 48 pages, because I feel that's as big as a "mini comic" can get before it starts to feel unwieldy, but I still have a lot more memories and stories to tell about this place.





Thanks for letting me share this.

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