Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cartoonist's Night at the Theater 3- Evita at Northern Stage

Wow, Northern Stage invited us back to sketch another performance! Unfortunately (or rather, fortunate for the students, but unfortunate for this event) this was the night after Lynda Barry's first writing class with the Center for Cartoon Studies. It's an (amazing) intensive program, and the students were there all day, so we didn't have a whole lot of a turnout for this performance.

But those that did make it got quite a show! I was really impressed by the performance, especially as this dress rehearsal we saw was the first time the cast had gone through the whole play, beginning to end.

Here's some quick watercolor sketches I did. Click on the thumbnails for a larger version.








Thanks again to Northern Stage for having us.
I'll post links to other people's sketches as they come in!

Sketches from Melanie Gillman! Loved her hilarious take on the show-


Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Lyrics by Tim Rice

Directed by Brooke Ciardelli
Muscial Direction by Adam Wachter
Choreography by Connor Gallagher

April 13 - May 8, 2011

Rejoice in this acclaimed musical, which ran for over 1,500 performances on Broadway! The rise to power and acclaim of the larger-than-life Eva Peron has thrilled audiences around the world for 30 years!

Ensemble Todd Adamson
Eva Peron Merideth Kaye Clark
Ensemble Karen Elliott
Che Adam Fleming
Ensemble David Janett
Ensemble Peter Mills
Magaldi Joe Paparella
Ensemble Frankie Paparone
Ensemble Annie Petersmeyer
Ensemble Jacob Pinion
Peron Fred Rose
Ensemble Samantha Gershman
Ensemble Valerie Larsen
Ensemble James Wordsworth
Youth Ensemble Fiona Campbell
Youth Ensemble Margaret Finley
Youth Ensemble Simon Kahan

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