Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Comics

I've gone almost a week without updating, that's no way to start out the New Year. Been making good use of the time, though it has been spent in my least favorite part of the self publishing process- laying out and designing the final book.

Sir Chris cover- draft

SirChris cover- draft

I'm collecting both of the "Sir Christopher" stories from the NaGraNoWriMo Challenge into one book. This will be the largest thing I've ever printed at 204 pages, so it's a little intimidating. The cover is especially throwing me for a loop. So far the design strategy has just been to do a sketch per day, trying to figure out what I like. Right now, I know that I like black and yellow. Past life as a bumble bee?


Here's the cover for Tragic Relief #11, which should have been here already! UPS is being slowed down by all the snow, but as soon as they arrive I'll let all the internet know. Since this was number eleven, I wanted to be sure there was a tomato on the cover.

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