Sunday, January 23, 2011

Adventure Time!

Not so much drawing lately, I've been off having ADVENTURES! First, Jon and I took a short trip to Vegas, where we enjoyed the cheap accommodations and tacky atmosphere.

Las Vegas vacation 2011

No, we did not get married or lose everything on the blackjack table or meet Wayne Newton. Jon wanted to go because Vegas is home of the Pinball Hall of Fame. I wanted to go because it was like, 40 degrees in Nevada, which felt like summer compared to Vermont's current -10. I went outside without a coat! It was pretty nice. Rest of the photos are here.

Capricornucopia, 2011

Yesterday was the annual adventure that is Capricornucopia. The year we celebrated the birthdays of Capricorns Jon Chad, Joseph Lambert, and Jess Abston. The theme this year was either Time Travel, Space, or Fur and Metal. Things seemed to keep getting mixed up. But a rocking good time was had by all, and you can see the photos here.

Now with partying and travel done, I'm feeling refreshed, ready to buckle down and meet some deadlines. Most of which are in February. Hm.

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