Wednesday, October 13, 2010 is Go!

I finally grew up and got my a URL to call my own. Check out the new website:


Many thanks to Cat Garza for his setting up the site, and then fixing everything after I broke it. He's been very patient with my bumblings, and you should give him money to build your site or design your next tattoo.

ANYWAY...So I've got a webcomic now? It's going to update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next couple months with pages from my Woman King book. Figured this was a good place to archive the story since it's almost out of print and I don't have any plans for a 2nd edition. Once that's all up, you'll start seeing new pages, but in the meantime this story is probably new to a lot of people.

I'll still use this blog, and update it with sketches, ramblings, and my NaGraNoWriMo project.


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