Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tragic Relief #'s 8 and 9 now for sale online.

I don't tend to get ideas for short comics, so much as impulses. And when these impulses pop into my head, they have the voice of the guy from this Kids in the Hall sketch shouting "Let's boil the broom!"

In the case of Tragic Relief #8, the voice said "Let's draw a shark! Let's draw a guy PUNCHING a shark!" And then I had draw a story around that image, which ended up being:

Tragic Relief #8- Revenge! I've had this mini for sale at a couple of conventions now, but only just got around to adding it to the shop. Apologies for that. Rich Kreiner of The Comics Journal wrote a nice review of it here. Check it out!

Tragic Relief #9 is available now, too! I'm changing the format again with this issue, gotta the readers on their toes (all ten of them). For the next 6 issues of the Tragic Relief minis, I'll be serializing my next graphic novel "Basket Ogress". Each issue will also contain a short back-up story, for people aren't into the whole Pacific Northwest mythology kids story thing.

The back-up story for this issue is called "The Hunt", and started because I was looking at too much Frank Frazetta art after he passed away, and starting thinking "Hey! Let's draw a jungle girl story!"

I like feedback, and tend to do a lot of corrections and redrawing pages when making comics- I've redrawn and condensed about seven pages of this chapter of "Basket Ogress" since Rob Clough last reviewed it. So send me a your thoughts- ColleenFrakes@gmail.com

Issue #10 is already nearly done, and should available at SPX in September, and online a few days (or months) after that. I'm bad about these sort of things.

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