Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Changing up the blog! Trying to make the banner and buttons better reflect my usual drawing style.

And now for the news:

Rich Kreiner at The Comic Journal reviewed another one of my minis here. Thanks, man! I actually don't have any copies of this comic left, and don't plan to print more because color copies are expensive, but I think you can buy it at I Know Joe Kimpel.

For Chicago friends, you can now buy my book Woman King at Quimby's! Have I mentioned there aren't many copies of this left? I expect to be sold out after SPX, so get it while you can.

Speaking of the Small Press Expo, I am SO EXCITED about this year's convention. I'll be tabling with Jon Chad (who just updated his website. Check it!), Katherine Roy and Laura Terry, and we have definite plans to rock the party that rocks your body.
End of transmission.

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