Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TRULY outrageous?

Time for the weekly update. Spent a lot of time in the studio this weekend, even managed to put in a full eight-hour day on Saturday. But the time was mostly spent on corrections.

One of the big projects was redrawing two pages I'd originally done way back in 2005.
Not sure if I'm allowed to write about this project or not, so here's a panel that doesn't give anything away. The top one was drawn in 2005, and the bottom redone over the weekend. So if nothing else, art school taught me to draw necks

Also been doing more little 4x6 watercolor paintings, because I enjoy them and in turn people seem to enjoy buying them. It's a nice arrangement. Here are three that are already in the mail:

You can purchase one yourself, if you are so inclined,at my Etsy store.

Okay, enough with the shameless plugs. See you next week.

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