Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stuff happened this week.

This was my "hell week" at work. It's always the first week of the semester, when I have to train and schedule all the new student workers at the circulation desk, and tell a hundred other students that I can't hire them. Ended up working a twelve hour day on Wednesday (eeew) and was going nuts by Friday so I left work at noon.

Turned out to be the BEST DECISION EVER, because like an hour later I got an e-mail from Robyn saying that Art Spiegelman was in town, and he was going to give an impromptu lecture at CCS that afternoon!

Art Spiegelman (!?!)

Due to the crappy week, I was dead tired, and it was like 80 degrees and humid which makes for perfect napping weather. So I ran down the street to get an iced coffee and avoid falling asleep during the lecture. They were out of iced coffee, so the barista was like "let me make you an iced Americano, it's pretty much the same thing."

I took her up on the offer, but NOOO it was not the same thing. I left the lecture both inspired and totally wired from the espresso, ran to the studio, and drew a three-page anthology submission for the next Trees and Hills anthology.

TIME anthology sample

(Yeah, I know ninjas aren't cool anymore, but I always do a ninja comic for the T&H anthologies. It's tradition. And they're real easy to draw).

So yeah, I'm in love with this town again.

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