Monday, June 21, 2010

Red And Shades of Brown, or, I wish I could draw dancers like Jules Fieffer.

I had a Monday off from work, so I spent it in the studio working on an anthology submission.

Lately I've been doing a few quick watercolor sketches to warm up before I start drawing. They're just little 4x6 deals on a cheap watercolor block that bleeds badly.

danse apache 3

Today I was thinking a lot about Danse Apache, because of the anthology piece I was working on because I associate the dance closely with cartoons. Before I did a bit of research and figured out it's real name, I always thought of it as the "Olive Oyl and Bluto Dance".

danse apache 2

Like here (starts at about 4:35), or here (starts at about 3:52) and here (starts at about 4:05).

danse apache 1

The dance interests me because it tells a story, but the story is just so weird for a cartoon- a woman getting continually beat up by this guy, and then begging for him to come back. In some of the video clips I've seen (live action, not cartoons) the violence gets really disturbing. It's strange how this became such a standard animation gag.

Okay, enough of my dance fascination.

I also went to see a bunch of bands in Burlington this weekend with Jonch and Alec, and one of them was the Screaming Females.
Screaming Females
Their set was sandwiched between Jon's favorite band, Pretty & Nice, and Ted Leo & The Pharmacists. I was really blown away by the Screaming Females singer/guitarist, and did this quick sketch. It was during this that I figured out I've no idea how to draw a guitar.

Guess what colors I always run out first when I buy a new watercolor set?

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