Thursday, April 29, 2010

What I Did On My Vacation

I went on vacation for ten whole days!

We flew into Portland, then drove to Westport to dig for razor clams, them off to Steilacoom to see the Mathias clan, then took the express bus to Seattle, walked all around the city, then took a train back to Portland and went to a comic book convention, where I caught a cold!

There's some more photos here.

Apologies to everyone who I didn't get a chance to talk to or buy books from at Stumptown. I was covering both my table and the Center for Cartoon Studies table, which made it difficult to get away. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with everyone at TCAF or MECAF later this month!

Some highlights from the show:

-Running out of copies of CABOOSE before 3pm on the first day!

-Selling out of The Trials of Sir Christopher early on the first day.

-Getting my contributor copy of Bear Fight! and seeing the anthology win a couple of Stumptown Awards.

- Jon Chad (my boyfriend/table partner) getting a little starstruck after meeting Kate Beaton and Craig Thompson.

- New Clutch! New comics from Joey Sayers!

- Chatting with the Secret Acres guys.

- Photobooth! (My head is huuuuge!)

I'll do a more complete post about the vacation later, once this cold has cleared up and all my sketches are inked.

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