Monday, March 8, 2010

March grew a beefy arm, and punched me in the jaw.


Here's why I'm busy every single weekend in April and May:

April 3-4: Working at the library.

April 10-11- MoCCA Art Fest in NYC. I'm NOT an exhibitor this year, because last year's convention was so poorly run and they decided to make it up to us by a) raising the prices, and b) moving the show to April, like I don't have enough to that month. But may come visit just to hang out in the city for a day.
Will this year's MoCCA Fest be better than last year? Well, it's less than a month away, and there's still no exhibitor list or floor plan on their website, so I'm thinking no. It'll be just as crazy and disorganized as last year, just not as warm.

April 16-26: Jon Chad and I are spending ten days in the Pacific Northwest! We're gonna see Ma and Pa Frakes, spend a day in Seattle, then take the train down to Portland for the Stumptown Comics Festival.

May 1-2: It's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. But, I have to work. Whatever, all the comics are free when you work at a library.

May 8-9: Come see me at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! This will be my first time exhibiting in Canada, and my first trip to a Canadian city that's not Vancouver. Also can't wait to eat some good Cantonese BBQ. I wonder if they'll let me take a whole roast pig back across the border?

May 15-16: Ma and Pa Frakes are coming to New York, so I'm heading down to spend the weekend with them. It's also the Fifth Center for Cartoon Studies Graduation. I'm sorry not to be able to see this class walk. They're a pretty amazing group.

May 22-23: Maine Comic Arts Festival! This was a blast last year, and it's nice to exhibit at a convention that's only three hours away. I'll be tabling with Jon Chad, Laura Terry, and we'll also have books by Katherine Roy.

And then, I'll be dead from exhaustion.

I'd like to be cremated, have my ashes stored in a bookend and placed in the Schulz Library. I'd prefer to be kept in the Humor section, though I suppose Student Work would be more appropriate.

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