Thursday, March 25, 2010

Help me pick colors!


I think I've figured out the design for my next book cover, but I can't figure out the colors.

Any advice is appreciated!


  1. I like the fourth one from the right. The one with the pinkish background and full color figures, with the ogress's white eye.

    Cool design!

  2. I vote for 2nd from the left, with the cheery light green against which the title is easy to read. 3rd from the left is second choice. Others are difficult to read for those with a degree of color-blindness. Black type on any sort of darkish red background is murder on my poor old eyes.

  3. Thanks, guys!

    Baldemar, if I do go with one of the darker backgrounds, I might change the text to white so it stands out more. Many options!

  4. I actually like how they look all lined up with all the different colors. Maybe you could do them all? It would make for an eye catching but space wasting display on a table.

    I do like the characters in full color.

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  6. Maybe? I'll see what the set-up fees are with the printer I'm using, might be able to do variant covers.

    Or would that be too "Marvel"?

  7. I think I like the purple background the best.

  8. Hiya, Colleen! I work at Hanley's and we're doing a "Ladies in Comics" signing the Thursday before MoCCA. We'd love to have you as one of the signing ladies! Please email me at

    Also, I'm partial to the first cover!