Monday, January 4, 2010

The first fourteen pages of Basket Ogress #2 are up on Flickr. Check them out!

Rob Clough was nice enough to review the first part of this story over at The Comics Journal. Read what he had to say here.


  1. Hey I really like the Basket Ogress. I've read it twice now, actually. I don't know if you wanted constructive criticism (if not you can just delete this comment.)

    On the page where the Ogress is holding the girl in her hand saying "what?", the ogress thumb is on the wrong side. the one holding the basket.
    Anyway, great work! it looks really good.

  2. Thanks, Eric!

    Yeah, there's a short list of things I need to fix before I put the minis together into one volume (thumbs, re-do the lettering, a few panels where I break the 180 rule). Thanks for catching that!