Thursday, January 14, 2010


I went to the studio after work this evening, and should have spent the time working on a comic I need to finish, or an anthology submission, or that animation project I was supposed to have finished two weeks ago. But, I'm not very good at doing what I'm supposed to do, so I goofed around working on cover ideas instead.

For a while I've been wanting to collect the painted comics I did for the (now defunct) BASH! Magazine with the other color work I've done into a mini. I'm no good at thinking up clever titles. The title on this cover idea might be too hard to read.

Also been thinking about printing up a Sir Christopher book. Jonch is pretty adamant that I should do a color cover, but I like just black and white. I checked out a few reproductions of medieval manuscripts out from the library for reference on this. They're pretty amazing to look at.

Every year, Robyn organizes a mixed-cd exchange called "Diary Tunes". This'll be my third year participating, I'm really excited about it. My mix is always just made up of the songs that were stuck in my head that year, and I had thought that songs like that were called "brain worms". Turns out, it's "ear worms", so this cover might not work. But it was fun to draw. And I might be too lazy to do a different one.

Heading to Boston tomorrow for a Jason Webley concert (!!!)

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