Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Convention Appearances 2009:

Stumptown, April 19th and 19th
Oh Portland, how I love you.
Maine Comic Arts Festival, May 17th
I've never been to Maine before.


MoCCA, June 6th and 7th
Hope to be debuting my 2nd book here, if I can get it finished and get a table. Either way, I'll be there hanging out with the IKJK crowd.

SPX, September 26th and 27th
I turned my registration in a bit late- though not as late as I did last year! Either way I'll be here with a box of books.

...and that's all for 2009. I don't plan on attending APE again this year. As much fun as the convention and being in San Francisco
was, it didn't make up for all the headache of getting a temporary seller's permit and filing taxes (which I'm still working on). Sorry, California!

New Reviews:

The Try Harder blog did a nice little write up of Indelible that I somehow missed. Thank you!

Inkstuds was also nice enough to review the 2nd Four-Square Anthology, No. While you're there, you should take a break and listen to their podcast. It's perfect to draw to.

And Henry Chamberlain at Newsarama did a lovely review of the Xeric edition of Tragic Relief. Thanks, Henry!

New Art:

Still working on the bear story, but there is an end in sight. And a monster in the woods, look out!

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