Monday, March 25, 2013

Convention Schedule and New Minis 2013


Here's the conventions I'm attending this year, and the brand new comics I'll have there:

Vancouver Canada- VanCaf, May 25th and 25th with Nomi Kane and Jen Vaughn
*New mini comic- Tragic Relief #14 "Washaway", see the story so far online.

*New mini comic- "I Should Have Dumped You When..." a collection of gags based on my unintentionally funny life (sample page above)

And...that's it.
I have a couple more comics in the works (haven't decided yet if I should do Island Brat 3 or just try to publish a collection), just need shows to debut them.

Here's some other conventions that I have applied to and/or would REALLY LIKE to apply to when their applications are available:

Stumptown April 27th and 28th (been waitlisted again, fingers crossed)
SPX, Sept 14th and 15th (may the odds be ever in your favor!)
Rose City Comicon, Sept 21st and 22nd (application in the mail!)

APE, Oct 12th and 13th (haven't been in years)
Geek Girl Con, October 19th and 20th (because I could walk there)

 Short Run, Nov 30th (I have a good feeling about this one)

So much for the plan to cut back this year...any others I should be shooting for? 

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