Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Valentine's Card

Did you know that Nomi Kane, Jen Vaughn and I mailed out 203 Valentine's cards this year?


Well really, they did most of the work. I drew my part of the card and then helped fold for like an hour, then it turns out I'd folded all of mine wrong Nomi had to redo them. Then I went to Texas and left the ladies to finish up all the work. Don't know why they put up with me.


Here's a video Jen made of putting the final card together.

Isn't that neat? Use it as a cat toy! Hang it from your review mirror! Decorate your Valentine's Day tree (that's a thing, right?)!

Did you get a card? If not, send me an email [colleenfrakes at gmail dot com] and I'll add you to future mailing lists. Getting real mail is much more fun than emails.

On an unrelated note, there's a new painting up in the Etsy shop. It's a bit more than I usually like to charge (I'm an advocate of cheap art) but it's also larger and more detailed than the usual sketches I post there. Also, I need money to go to CAKE.

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