Friday, September 28, 2012

Pictures of Other People

I won't be posting images to Flickr anymore because no one seems to use it. I get more traffic on my LiveJournal thank I do on Flickr (and yes, I know I'm the last person left on LJ. Going down with the ship). Because I've stopped giving them money, Flickr is only showing my most recent 200 images, so a lot of old stuff like Sir Christopher or 100+ watercolors are no long available. I'll work on adding them to my regular website some day. 

SPEAKING OF WATERCOLORS- sometimes people pay me to paint stuff. I'm usually not together enough to scan a copy before getting it in the mail, BUT, sometimes they're happy enough with the work to send photos-

Brad Weber sent me this photo of the watercolor I did of his adorable Kidzilla, now framed. Children are the most popular requests, like this young Robin I did around this time last year.

But sometimes I get to do a family portrait, which is always fun. Although, I don't think I'm much good at animals. If you're looking for a Pet Portrait artist, I can recommend some much better options. 

And sometimes the requests are a little out there. But seriously, I will draw you just about anything.

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