Friday, March 16, 2012

Convention Season!


The spring convention season is upon us. I've had to cut way back in the number of shows I'm attending this year, which is probably for the best as my schedule was kinda crazy the last two years.

First up, The Stumptown Comics Festival in Portland, April 28th and 29th!
I'll be sharing a table with the lovely Nomi Kane, and we're putting together a split mini comic just for the show.

Unfortunately I'm going to have to miss TCAF this year, couldn't afford the plane tickets and the time off of work. But you should stop by the Quatro Monstro table and check out comics by Laura Terry, Katherine Roy and Jon Chad! And of course, don't miss the Koyama Press table. They might have some copies of Island Brat left!

I will make it to the CAKE in June, though. Looking forward to seeing Chicago again, and having a hot dog and a Green River.

And...that's it for this spring. Wow. I'd better make up for it this fall!

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